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BOLT DT4512 4.5X1.2 porcelain diamond disc

BOLT DT4512 4.5X1.2 porcelain diamond disc

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- A porcelain diamond disc, also known as a diamond cutting disc or blade, is a specialized tool used in construction, masonry, and tile work for cutting through porcelain tiles and other hard materials. This cutting disc is designed with industrial-grade diamonds bonded to the edge or rim of the disc, providing exceptional hardness and durability for precise and efficient cutting.

- The composition of a porcelain diamond disc typically involves a steel core with diamond-coated edges or segments. These diamond particles or segments are embedded or welded onto the rim or periphery of the disc using various bonding techniques such as sintering or electroplating.

- Porcelain diamond discs are engineered to handle the hardness and brittleness of porcelain tiles without causing chipping or cracks. They offer clean and precise cuts, enabling professionals and DIY enthusiasts to achieve accurate shapes, curves, or straight cuts on porcelain tiles, ceramics, natural stones, and other hard materials commonly used in construction and tiling projects.

- Different variations of porcelain diamond discs exist, including continuous-rim blades for smoother cuts, segmented blades for faster cutting speeds, and turbo-rim blades for a combination of speed and precision. The choice of disc depends on the specific cutting requirements and the type of material being worked on.

- Users should ensure proper handling and adherence to safety guidelines while using porcelain diamond discs, including wearing appropriate protective gear such as goggles and gloves, and following the manufacturer's recommendations for the tool's proper use and maintenance.

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