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Very Coarse Core Diamond Pad #60 Green

Very Coarse Core Diamond Pad #60 Green

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A "Very Coarse Core Diamond Pad #60 Green" refers to an abrasive tool used in stone fabrication, particularly for grinding, shaping, and polishing hard surfaces like granite, marble, concrete, or other stones. Here's a breakdown of its components:

  1. Diamond Pad: This tool consists of a pad or disc made with a base material (often resin or other materials) embedded or coated with industrial-grade diamond particles. Diamonds are known for their hardness and are used as abrasives for cutting and grinding hard materials.

  2. Very Coarse (#60): The "#60" denotes the grit size of the diamond particles on the pad's surface. Grit sizes indicate coarseness or fineness, with lower numbers representing coarser abrasives. In this case, "#60" signifies a very coarse grit, which is suitable for aggressive material removal and shaping.

  3. Green Color: The color "green" could denote the color-coding used by manufacturers to differentiate between different grit levels or types of diamond pads. These color codes help users easily identify the coarseness or intended use of the pad.

The "Very Coarse Core Diamond Pad #60 Green" would typically be utilized in the initial stages of surface preparation or for heavy material removal, especially on harder stones or concrete surfaces. It's effective in grinding down rough surfaces, removing deep scratches, leveling uneven areas, or preparing the material for subsequent finer grit polishing stages.

This type of diamond pad is commonly employed in stone fabrication workshops, construction sites, or by professionals who specialize in working with stone surfaces, providing an aggressive cutting action to achieve desired shapes or smoothness on challenging materials.

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